“I have just completed my first session in past life regression and soulful hypnosis with Karen and I can tell you that it will not be my last. I have been struggling with grief over the loss of a loved one for about 4 years now without gaining any clarity or closure on my own. It was time to make a change, and that change was opening myself up to the possibilities of finding meaning in the grieving process. I have always been inclined to holistic, naturopathic approaches to my health and wellbeing, but I never found any specialists worth seeking out and working with. This changed when Karen entered my life. I immediately felt comfortable and at peace during my first initial contact with Karen over the phone, and meeting her in person only magnified her affects. Not only is she knowledgeable and adept, but she has that x-factor that reassures you that this process is genuine and natural. I felt at home and that I could not be in better hands. The process was eye opening (although my eyes were closed the entire time!) and radical in the sense of gaining new insights into my present life by exploring the contents of my unconscious mind. I spent about two hours with Karen and I can tell you that those two hours have and will extend throughout the rest of my waking life. I left feeling not only more relaxed than I’ve ever been in my life, but I also felt lighter and free from the chains that have been holding me down. I gained insight into my loss which granted me the peace and serenity to move forward. I feel like my experience will always be accessible to revisit and knowing that I can go back into that space at anytime when I may be feeling lost or confused is an additional, unexpected perk of the service. Karen is one of those rare people who are true to their profession and she is meant to be doing this kind of work. It emanates from her soul and heart. You feel loved and taken care of while you’re in trance and her voice is soothing like the sun warming your skin on an early, cool summer morning. She could be called a healer although she is guiding you in your own healing process. Visiting Karen for past life regression was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made for my continual journey in understanding myself and the meaning of life. I cannot wait to do it again. One last word of advice for any of the critics out there would be is that you don’t have to believe in spiritual philosophies to benefit from this experience; you only have to believe in yourself and have the openness to entertain the possibilities that reside within you. If you can be open then you can receive, and reap great benefits in the process. You owe it to yourself. Give yourself a chance to change in ways that may be outside of your comfort zone. After all, growth and change happens where there’s tension. Explore your tension with Karen, and learn some life changing lessons while you’re at it! You are worth it.” – Teresa, Lakewood, NJ

“I recently had the pleasure of participating in my very first past life regression with Karen LeVasseur. I had never been hypnotized before and I was a little nervous, but mostly just curious about what the experience would be like. I was open to the process and felt that it might answer some of the questions I had about my dad, who passed over 20 years ago. Karen’s voice guided me through the process and was a gentle anchor to hold onto as I walked into my past. I was able to connect with my dad and know that he is, as I suspected, with me often. In addition, I was able to identify a past life. This experience helped clarify a number of struggles I have in my life today, which has made a noticeable difference in my daily routines! I have felt happier, focused and more grounded than I have felt in years!! I look forward to my next session and I highly recommend utilizing Karen as your guide into a better future through reliving your past!” -Teri, Middletown, NJ

“Safe…This was my primary feeling when I first met Karen. Her “gift” has healed me and has allowed me to continue with a purpose. Safe…This is how I felt hearing Karen’s voice during my soul journey. Karen has guided me on a self expedition that has altered my life forever. Safe…protected…warm…loved…healed…Karen…” -Denise, Little Silver, NJ

“I’ve personally found past life regression hypnosis to be profoundly healing. Karen is a true gift. Her ability to provide guidance to the origin of specific issues in my life has provided immense clarity and understanding which has enabled much needed healing. Karen’s voice is incredibly soothing and relaxing; more so than ANY regressionist I’ve ever been to! I am deeply grateful that I found Karen! She has empowered me to look within and trust myself. Karen guides me through past life regression as I relax and open up to the experience. This allows the answers and clarity to flow through. It’s a beautiful process. Past life regression with Karen is truly life changing! I highly recommend her as a regressionist!” -Angie, Miami Beach, FL

“Such a wonderful experience! At first I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, but with the helpfulness and guidance of Karen throughout my journey I was able to delve into several past lives, experiencing love, hope, peace and grief. I am forever grateful! I can’t wait to schedule another session!”- Taylor, Port Monmouth, NJ

“Karen’s passion for regression is evident throughout the entire process. She is a skilled healer and a bright light with the most soothing voice and energy. Thank you!”- Mara, Morganville, NJ

“Karen, what an amazing transformative experience! In the short time we were together for my first past life regression, you were able to make connections from my past to my present, that have provided me with a greater understanding of the challenges I have faced. You were intuitive, kind and comforting in my journey to find these answers. I highly recommend your practice!” – Sandy, Shark River Hills, NJ

“Thank you so much.  I so, so appreciated your working with me.  It was amazing.  Thank you.  Be blessed!” – Kathy, Dawsonville, GA

“I came to a group past life session with Karen, not knowing what to expect. I experienced the early memories from this life, including my birth, along with memories from past lives. I left wanting to dive deeper.” – Tiffany, Parlin, NJ

“I attended a group past life regression with Karen which was amazing. I personally experienced several of my past lives. These experiences were very enlightening. The experience makes me want to delve deeper!” – Hester, Port Monmouth, NJ

“A couple years ago our teenage daughter had a short stay in the hospital.  While she was there she suffered a major panic attack.  This one panic attack led to major anxiety along with many more severe panic attacks.  Feeling helpless I searched the internet for help.  One day I came across Karen’s website.  My husband and I, along with our daughter decided to meet with Karen and discuss options.  I will admit during our first appointment we discussed hypnosis and this was a bit scary for us not knowing anything about it.  Karen took her time to discuss everything and our daughter was all for it.  This was the best thing that has ever happened to her. Within the past year Karen has taught our daughter many techniques to deal with her anxiety and panic attacks and she has made amazing progress!  Karen has done hypnosis; using techniques such as age regression, future progression, connecting with her authentic self and higher self, which have all been very effective! Karen has also used hypnotic chakra balancing and taught our daughter the power of sending positive intentions to the universe, visualizing strength and balance and the use of positive affirmations to sleep and manage anxiety.  Karen has also taught our daughter the technique of tapping (emotional freedom technique) which is very helpful in so many stressful situations. Our journey with Karen has been amazing and helpful for our whole family.  We would surely recommend Karen as a hypnotherapist as well as for all of her talents with energy healing . We can’t thank Karen enough for helping our daughter and family throughout our journey.” – Karen, Howell, NJ


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