Due to Covid-19 I am offering services by video chat only until further notice. Please stay healthy and safe at home!

Individual Past Life Regression- Approximately 90 minutes

Past life regression is a hypnotic process that opens up the possibility of accessing your soul consciousness; a place where memories from prior lives are stored. By unearthing and processing the memories from prior lifetimes, you it is possible to release the feelings and experiences that are blocking you in your current life, as well as reinforce the lessons and break patterns that have been carried in your soul from life to life. Understanding and working with your prior lifetimes can bring enrichment to your current life which can lead to significant change in how you view yourself, your relationships and the world, as well as gain understanding of your life purpose and the eternal nature of your being.


Past Life Coaching- Approximately 60 minutes

After a past life regression session, journal your experience then schedule a coaching session for an in-depth discussion about your regression experience. On going discussion and journaling allows for a deeper understanding of the experience, how it applies to this life and steps you can take to make the changes you desire.


Group Past Life Regression- Approximately 2 1/2 hours

Would you like to try past life regression but think you will feel more comfortable sharing this wonderful experience with your friends? A group regression is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the process of PLR as well as learn something about your past self. The session will be held in the comfort of your home and will include an introduction to Past Life Regression (what it is, how it works, possible benefits), a relaxing and exciting 90 minute regression experience, and a guided sharing session to make connections to your life today! All you need to do is invite your friends and provide a comfortable and quiet space in your home. Pricing per person depends on the number of participants in the session (if more than 6 participants an additional fee will apply). Each participant will receive a coupon for $10 off their first individual regression! Group regressions can be held in Monmouth County NJ only.


Chakra Attunement- Approximately 60 minutes

Enjoy a combination of breathing and visualization followed by a guided hypnotic experience to open up the possibility of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across your chakra system; which consists of your 7 spiritual energy centers. If a chakra is too open you may experience a draining or depletion of energy. If a chakra is too closed there may be an experience of blockage, resistance or numbing related to the corresponding body functions and expression of consciousness. Balancing the chakras can bring the energy system into harmony, and opens the possibility of feeling more relaxed, centered, grounded, and energized physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)- Approximately 30 minutes

EFT is a form of energy healing that is similar to acupuncture, but instead of using needles you tap with your fingers on different meridian (energy) points to work on aligning your body’s energy system and creating a state of balance and well-being. EFT is based on the idea that all negative emotions, thoughts, behaviors and physical pain result from a disruption in your energy system. As you tap you open up the possibility of breaking the cycle of dysfunction and seeing improvement in your life. Add hypnosis for an additional $25 (session will last approximately 45 minutes).


Healing Spaces- Approximately 60 minutes

Relax deeply in a hypnotic state as you are guided in visualizing a peaceful place in your soul consciousness. Open up the possibility of releasing negative energy and difficult emotions; opening yourself up to filling your body, mind and soul with love, peace and positive energy.


Decision Exploration- Approximately 60 minutes

Relax deeply in a hypnotic state as you allow yourself to explore different paths you might take in regard to a life decision you are struggling with. Open yourself up to seeing all sides of the problem to better understand the current and long term impact of each choice you might make.


Hypnosis Coaching- Approximately 45 minutes

Do you have difficulty letting go? Is it hard for you to relax? Have you tried hypnosis before and felt it didn’t work? If you answered “yes” it may be time to think about hypnosis coaching. I will work with you to explore your hypnotic abilities and talents (we ALL have them) and support you in allowing yourself to sink deeper and deeper within. Hypnosis is a natural process that all of us are capable of if we so choose. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of practice! If you prefer a shorter practice session, book 30 minutes for $50.00.


Emotion Code- Approximately 30 minutes

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson after more than 20 years as a holistic chiropractor and teacher, The Emotion Code is an energy technique designed to help you alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore love for yourself and others. It could even help you break through potential self-sabotage to live the life you were meant to live. I use muscle testing to support you in connecting with the information stored in your subconscious mind and potentially identify emotional energy (or baggage) you may have been carrying for quite some time. We then work together to release this old energy to open up the possibility of healing and change.



If you prefer to receive support in the comfort of your home ask about an online video session* or a in-home session**! 

*Headset with a microphone required for a video session. 

**Extra charge of $25 applied to in-home sessions to cover travel expenses. 

Cash and credit cards are accepted at the time of service for in-office sessions.  Payment for video sessions must be made prior to the session using the payment links on this page or by Venmo.  If a video session is cancelled payment can be applied to a future session.

There are no refunds for services received.

Disclaimer: Regression, hypnosis and energy work offer a self-healing experience and are not a substitute for medical or mental health support. Results vary and are dependent upon the client’s desire and openness for exploration and change. There is no guarantee healing or improvement will occur. Consult a medical doctor and/or psychotherapist for medical and/or mental health concerns.

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