Join me for a group past life regression!

When: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 10:00am-12:00pm

Where: Spiritual Beauty Center, 130 Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ 07732

Cost: $35 per participant (please RSVP as seats are limited!)

How to register: Call or text 732-865-0599 or email

Why participate in a past life regression? Who you are today is the sum total of your past, which includes the past from this life and other lifetimes as well! Come on a journey to explore one of your past lives and learn from the past to make changes today!

Is it hard to do? All that is required is the ability to relax and listen to my voice as I guide you through a safe and supportive meditation to the soul experience that your psyche knows you need at this time. Simply allow and accept whatever adventure awaits you on this soul journey!

What are the benefits of past life regression?
Learn who you were in a past life
Meet the souls in your soul group (and see who they are today)
Meet with guardian angels or guides
See personal relationships in a new light
Release fears and anxieties linked to past lives
Understand and align with your life purpose
Resolve karma from a past life
Meet with the souls of deceased loved ones
Understand the root cause of a problem or concern in this life
And so much more…

Past Life Regression is also a fun experience, so even those who attend strictly out of curiosity will have a good time!

What will happen? The 2 hour session will include a brief introduction to past life regression, a 60 minute regression experience and time to journal your experience, then share and process with the group.

Who is facilitating the event? This event is presented by local Certified Past Life Regressionist and Advanced Hypnotherapist, Karen LeVasseur.

How is a group regression different than an individual session? In a group session you will be guided through one lifetime. There will be no interaction between you and the regressionist until the experience is over, but it is an excellent way to have a basic introduction to regression and soul work. In an individual session you will be prompted to share your experience with the regressionist as it unfolds, who will then guide you accordingly and allow for a more personalized and deeper experience.

Am I guaranteed a past life experience? The experience you have will depend on several factors. Most importantly you will experience what your psyche knows you need the most at this time. That may be a past life and it may be some other form of soul experience or contact. The possibilities are endless! Your experience also depends on your willingness to put your ego consciousness aside (that doubtful critic in your mind), suspend belief and trust your experience. Even if it seems like imagination GO WITH IT and just let the experience unfold, even if it isn’t what you expected. Lastly it is important to receive the experience however it comes to you. It might be visual, auditory, emotional, intuitive…There is no way to do this wrong!

What if I want an individual session after the group? Please schedule a session with Karen! She is happy to join you on your soul journey and will offer you $10 off of your first individual regression in her office if you attend the group.

See you there!