A Life Too Short

In my most recent regression I was a 6 year old boy named Tommy.  I was small for my age and felt like I never measured up to my older brothers’ strength and ability. All I wanted to do was to be as good as they were, if not better, at something…anything.


I entered the “story”, which seemed to be set at dusk in the late 1800’s in the mid-western United States, in the middle of a game of hide ‘n seek. I ran into the cornfield adjacent to our house to hide, even though my mother had warned me to stay out of the fields. I knew that my brothers would never find me in my hiding spot and felt thrilled at the chance of finally beating them!


I ran barefoot through the corn stalks, enjoying the feeling of the earth underneath, until I found the perfect hiding spot. I laughed gleefully as I heard my brothers in the yard calling my name. My mirth stopped abruptly as I noticed a sharp pain in my left foot. I saw a snake slithering away and realized I must have been bitten. I ran out of the cornfield, smacking straight into my brothers, who proudly claimed victory in the game.


Holding back my tears, I ran into the house and quickly washed up for bed. I didn’t tell my mother (who is my best friend in my current life!) for fear of disappointing her. I sensed that I often ignored her warnings and that I’d be whipped by my father for my disobedience. Flash forward to a few mornings later…one of my brothers noticed that I was feeling poorly-weak and disoriented- and my foot was swollen and red. The snakebite had become infected, leading to gangrene. My mother heard my brother’s cry and pulled me out of bed; quickly sending my father off on horseback to fetch the doctor. Unfortunately I died in my mother’s arms, just as the doctor arrived.


As I left the body I sensed that I would see my father from that lifetime again. I traveled to the soul realm to review my life and (as usual) was greeted in this misty, white world by my team of guardian angels. In past regressions I had identified one guardian as my paternal grandmother and another as a man named Tony (two other guardians have yet to be identified although they are always with me).  I was pleasantly surprised when I became aware that Tony (who appears to me as an old man with white hair) had been my father in my short life as Tommy.


As I reviewed my life as Tommy with my council I was advised to learn from Tommy’s mistakes and do the following in this current life (all very applicable as I build a second business and combat daily stress and worry):

  • Love myself as I am
  • Notice my strengths and cultivate them
  • Take chances but with caution
  • Take care of my physical body
  • Accept help when needed

I thank Tommy and my team of angels for this sound advise and reminder to slow down, breathe, stay present focused, notice what is working and trust that the universe will give me what I have asked for (a thriving business as a regressionist!)

Have you ever tried past life regression? If not, give it a try! You never know what your psyche will present to you but it is always just what you need!


Interested in Past Life Regression? Call or text 732-865-0599 or email asoulwithin@gmail.com. I am passionate about this work and would love to share the magic and mystery of regression with you! Check out my website at A Soul Within, LLC

About Karen- I am a Certified Regressionist and have advanced training in hypnosis. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have a second business operating as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Hypnosis and regression are my passion. Can I share that passion with you?


The Love of a Mother

It’s interesting how the people in this life have shown up in my past lives. My son is always my son when I am a mother in a past life. My best friend in this life has shown up as my mother (as has one of my sisters) in the past. And unfortunately, an ex boyfriend (from long, long ago in this life) was once my husband.

In each life, the past relationship that I had was in some way connected or foreshadowing of the relationship in this life.


In one past life, I entered the “story” in regression as a little girl named Susan, who was about 7 or 8 years old. She was hiding under a wooden table in a large one room home. Her parents were arguing and I sensed that Susan’s mother was scared. The father became really angry and threw things around, threatening to hit the mother. Susan became fearful that her father would turn his anger on her when he noticed her under the table, so she ran out of the house and through the cobbled streets of the village until she fell to the ground; feeling exhausted, lost and scared.


At this point, the regressionist suggested I move to an important event in this girl’s life and I was suddenly at Susan’s wedding around the age of 20. My objective for the session had been to release any remaining karmic connection between me and an ex-husband so I was surprised when an ex-boyfriend from my 20s (in this life) appeared as Susan’s husband to be. I sensed she was worried about marrying him (I don’t know his name in that life) but she felt she had no other options.


I flashed forward to a time in the marriage a few years down the road. Susan was fighting with her husband about their baby boy. He was angry that she had very little time to cater to his needs and he threatened to hurt the child if things didn’t change. Susan grabbed her baby (yes, it was my current son) and fled from their home; re-enacting her escape from her father’s wrath as she ran through the busy streets of the village. The “scene” ended in an open field or park where Susan clung to her child as she caught her breath. I sensed that Susan was terrified her husband would find her so I urged the regressionist to move me to another time in her life.


I “saw” a dark city in the distance and intuitively knew that Susan had to get to it. The regressionist helped me create a staircase to the city and before long, she was in a new apartment in the city as an old women where she died, alone, in her bed. I sensed that Susan’s son had left her decades before, tiring of her overly protective ways and wanting to find his own way in his life as a young man; causing deep feelings of grief and abandonment in Susan.


The regressionist moved me to the funeral scene, where Susan watched the ceremony from above her physical body. The only attendees, other than the priest, were her son and his family, who Susan didn’t even know existed. Although her son had willingly left his mother, and purposefully stayed away from her for many years, he loved her dearly and felt a great loss. I felt love and warmth fill Susan’s soul as she expressed forgiveness for her son’s abandonment. She realized that the fear she carried from her childhood and marriage had caused her to mother him in a way that disallowed him the freedom he needed to explore, learn, grow and figure out who he was. She had protected him from harm out of love and concern, but she had also caused him pain.


The pivotal moment at the funeral came when Susan’s son thanked his mother for saving his life. He had always felt strongly that had Susan not grabbed him on that fateful day and fled from his father, he would have become a victim of abuse. He sent love and compassion to his mother, which allowed her soul to move on to the interlife realm.


There, Susan met with her guardian angels and guides who enveloped her in a hug of love, warmth and acceptance as they reviewed the life she had just left. In this “scene” I was able to make connections between Susan’s life and my own. I have always been an overly protective mother; fearing something bad would happen to my son. I was able to take the advice given to Susan by her council as my own- Love myself first as a woman, but also love myself as a mother. Accept myself as a flawed human being who made the best choices given the circumstances. Accept all that I did right as a mother and forgive all that I did wrong. Know that my son (in Susan’s life and in my current life) loves me; even as an imperfect parent.

Each time I have been a parent in a regression, I have become more understanding of my beliefs and behaviors as a mother; which has allowed me to become a better mother. If only because I have seen so many times, throughout time, that above all-even when things didn’t go well between me and my son- there was always love.


Interested in Past Life Regression? Call or text 732-865-0599 or email asoulwithin@gmail.com. I am passionate about this work and would love to share the magic and mystery of regression with you! Check out my website at A Soul Within, LLC

About Karen- I am a Certified Regressionist and have advanced training in hypnosis. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have a second business operating as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Hypnosis and regression are my passion. Can I share that passion with you?


Healing Through Trauma

Recently I was regressed to a past life that was very enlightening. I was a young woman in my late teens or early 20s, living in a tribal village in South or Central America. I had dark skin, hair and eyes and was wearing a sheath of white fabric. My name was Akashi. The regressionist prompted me to visit my home and I experienced a thatch hut with a fire in the center. Animal skins were scattered around the dirt floor. I sensed the time frame was around the 1300s and that Akashi was important in the village-perhaps a storyteller. I also sensed Akashi had a husband but he was not present in the village (I felt intuitively that he was off on a hunting expedition with the other strong men of the tribe).


The regressionist prompted me to move to an important event in Akashi’s life and I remembered the birth of her son (which had happened prior to my first image of her). It was a difficult birth and the baby (who’s name I don’t know) almost died. The Shaman visited and brought health to the child but warned that he was frail. Akashi felt great worry for her son, feeling as if she needed to be extra protective of him to keep him from harm. I sensed that Akashi’s baby was the same soul who is my son in my current life, which has occurred in every incarnation I’ve remembered in which I was a mother.

We moved to another important event in Akashi’s life, and we were once again back in the thatch hut; the strong men of the village on a hunting expedition. Akashi felt fearful and I realized it was stemming from an intuition that the village would be raided and harm would befall her and her son. Men came and burned the village. They killed anyone in their way. Akashi tried to hide her son but the men found them and mortally wounded her. She lay dying on the ground as the men took her baby and retreated from the ravaged village.

Once Akashi died, the regressionist moved me to the soul realm; to the between lives stage. There Akashi encountered guardian angels and guides (who appeared as white orbs of light and warmth). They embraced Akashi and enveloped her in love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. Akashi was able to forgive herself for not being able to save her child and then she morphed into my form.


I then met with the Soul Masters who spoke to me at length. They told me that I should love myself in all incarnations. I should forgive myself for the mistakes I have made. I should trust my instincts as a mother and know I’ve always done the best that I could do for my son given the circumstances we were in. I should believe that he loves me and always has. He has always CHOSEN to be my son in each of the lives that we have shared and he is grateful for all that I’ve done for him through time.

My take away? In each life that my son has been my son (that I’ve experienced so far) there has been varying degrees of trauma (including in this life). Sometimes I’ve saved him and sometimes I have not. This certainly explains why I have been so overly protective of him in this life but more importantly each time I re-experience our lives together and learn from them I am able to release that age old “mommy guilt” for being a flawed parent. It has been freeing! I’ve felt lighter when I am with him and he seems lighter with me (even though I have not told him all of this yet). When he recently moved out of our home into his own apartment I felt good about it (the last time he moved out I cried for days).

So, even though a past life memory may bring you to a traumatic event it can have a wonderfully positive impact on your current life. Healing can at times come through pain. Even if it is pain from centuries ago. Thinking about past life regression? Give it a try!





My First Regression

Twenty five years ago I started on a journey I was unaware was my true path in this life. I saw an ad for a two day workshop on Past Life Regression held by the local community center in my town. I had always been interested in all things mystical and had done a little reading here and there but had never had the courage to actively explore the spirit world. I decided…this is the time!

At first the instructor talked about regression in history around the world and then moved onto signs that you may have had a past life (or many). Extremely vivid dreams…check! Feeling as if you have been somewhere that you visit when you have not…check! Having random flashes from the past that make no sense to your current life…check…check…Being yourself but in a completely different body in a dream…check…check…check!

In addition to all of the deja vu experiences I have had, I have always felt that there HAS to be more to this life…world…existence. Now was my time to find out just what that meant. The soul realm was waiting for me!


The group was directed to lie down on the floor of the high school classroom we were in and get comfortable. I felt a little nervous about what I might experience…especially when the instructor suggested we walk toward the light! I have since found that my conscious mind is very present when I am in a hypnotic trance. In that moment I found myself arguing with myself…”Don’t go toward the light- that is what you do when you die! But you paid for this class- just do it. No, I’m scared. But you really want to see what happens!” My desire for a soul journey won the fight. I went to the light.


After crossing through to the soul realm we were directed to look at our feet (I saw wooden shoes) and then tune into our senses to start the experience. I very quickly moved into the life of a young woman with blond hair, wearing a blue dress. She felt scared. I looked around and saw an older, heavy man (her father) who had a red, angry face coming out of a wooden cottage. He yelled at her and she ran. She followed a dirt road for a while and came upon a man sitting by an open fire. As she sat down to interact with him the instructor moved the group to an important event in the lives we were experiencing.

She reluctantly left the man (who I have since learned in other regressions was the man she intended to marry- her father had other plans thus the anger). Suddenly I found myself (as the same woman but further in her life) laying in a large feather bed preparing to give birth. She started crying, softly at first, then her sobbing became more and more hysterical.

My conscious mind kicked into gear as I found myself, in my physical body laying on the floor of the local high school, sobbing hysterically right along with her. I sensed something bad was going to happen and as the instructor had told us, brought myself out of the experience and back to the present. Wow!


Flash forward to the present. I again felt a calling to explore past life regression. I am now a Certified Regressionist through Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. I have since had many regressions and have had some pretty incredible experiences. I’ve met with my guardian angels (there are four and one is my grandmother who died when my father was young). I’ve spoken with the Master’s in my own regression and received a message from them through a woman I regressed- (both times I was encouraged to follow this new path I am on). I’ve visited the soul of my beloved dog in the soul realm and released my intense grief surrounding her death. And I’ve reexperienced many past lives and learned so much about the patterns in relationships that I have struggled with in this life. Pretty cool stuff.


If you have never explored past life regression, give it a try! By unearthing and processing the memories from prior lifetimes, you can release the feelings and experiences that are blocking you in your current life, as well as reinforce the lessons and break patterns that have been carried in your soul from life to life. Understanding and working with your prior lifetimes can bring enrichment to your current life which can lead to significant change in how you view yourself, your relationships and the world, as well as gain understanding of your life purpose and the eternal nature of your being.

Where might your soul take you?


Past life sessions will be available in Bradley Beach, NJ and Highlands, NJ offices starting in January 2019. Online sessions via Skype or FaceTime are available now!

About Karen- I am a Certified Regressionist and an Advanced Hypnotherapist. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have a second business operating as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Hypnotherapy and regression are my passion. Can I share that passion with you?