A Life Too Short

In my most recent regression I was a 6 year old boy named Tommy.  I was small for my age and felt like I never measured up to my older brothers’ strength and ability. All I wanted to do was to be as good as they were, if not better, at something…anything.


I entered the “story”, which seemed to be set at dusk in the late 1800’s in the mid-western United States, in the middle of a game of hide ‘n seek. I ran into the cornfield adjacent to our house to hide, even though my mother had warned me to stay out of the fields. I knew that my brothers would never find me in my hiding spot and felt thrilled at the chance of finally beating them!


I ran barefoot through the corn stalks, enjoying the feeling of the earth underneath, until I found the perfect hiding spot. I laughed gleefully as I heard my brothers in the yard calling my name. My mirth stopped abruptly as I noticed a sharp pain in my left foot. I saw a snake slithering away and realized I must have been bitten. I ran out of the cornfield, smacking straight into my brothers, who proudly claimed victory in the game.


Holding back my tears, I ran into the house and quickly washed up for bed. I didn’t tell my mother (who is my best friend in my current life!) for fear of disappointing her. I sensed that I often ignored her warnings and that I’d be whipped by my father for my disobedience. Flash forward to a few mornings later…one of my brothers noticed that I was feeling poorly-weak and disoriented- and my foot was swollen and red. The snakebite had become infected, leading to gangrene. My mother heard my brother’s cry and pulled me out of bed; quickly sending my father off on horseback to fetch the doctor. Unfortunately I died in my mother’s arms, just as the doctor arrived.


As I left the body I sensed that I would see my father from that lifetime again. I traveled to the soul realm to review my life and (as usual) was greeted in this misty, white world by my team of guardian angels. In past regressions I had identified one guardian as my paternal grandmother and another as a man named Tony (two other guardians have yet to be identified although they are always with me).  I was pleasantly surprised when I became aware that Tony (who appears to me as an old man with white hair) had been my father in my short life as Tommy.


As I reviewed my life as Tommy with my council I was advised to learn from Tommy’s mistakes and do the following in this current life (all very applicable as I build a second business and combat daily stress and worry):

  • Love myself as I am
  • Notice my strengths and cultivate them
  • Take chances but with caution
  • Take care of my physical body
  • Accept help when needed

I thank Tommy and my team of angels for this sound advise and reminder to slow down, breathe, stay present focused, notice what is working and trust that the universe will give me what I have asked for (a thriving business as a regressionist!)

Have you ever tried past life regression? If not, give it a try! You never know what your psyche will present to you but it is always just what you need!


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About Karen- I am a Certified Regressionist and have advanced training in hypnosis. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have a second business operating as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Hypnosis and regression are my passion. Can I share that passion with you?