The Love of a Mother

It’s interesting how the people in this life have shown up in my past lives. My son is always my son when I am a mother in a past life. My best friend in this life has shown up as my mother (as has one of my sisters) in the past. And unfortunately, an ex boyfriend (from long, long ago in this life) was once my husband.

In each life, the past relationship that I had was in some way connected or foreshadowing of the relationship in this life.


In one past life, I entered the “story” in regression as a little girl named Susan, who was about 7 or 8 years old. She was hiding under a wooden table in a large one room home. Her parents were arguing and I sensed that Susan’s mother was scared. The father became really angry and threw things around, threatening to hit the mother. Susan became fearful that her father would turn his anger on her when he noticed her under the table, so she ran out of the house and through the cobbled streets of the village until she fell to the ground; feeling exhausted, lost and scared.


At this point, the regressionist suggested I move to an important event in this girl’s life and I was suddenly at Susan’s wedding around the age of 20. My objective for the session had been to release any remaining karmic connection between me and an ex-husband so I was surprised when an ex-boyfriend from my 20s (in this life) appeared as Susan’s husband to be. I sensed she was worried about marrying him (I don’t know his name in that life) but she felt she had no other options.


I flashed forward to a time in the marriage a few years down the road. Susan was fighting with her husband about their baby boy. He was angry that she had very little time to cater to his needs and he threatened to hurt the child if things didn’t change. Susan grabbed her baby (yes, it was my current son) and fled from their home; re-enacting her escape from her father’s wrath as she ran through the busy streets of the village. The “scene” ended in an open field or park where Susan clung to her child as she caught her breath. I sensed that Susan was terrified her husband would find her so I urged the regressionist to move me to another time in her life.


I “saw” a dark city in the distance and intuitively knew that Susan had to get to it. The regressionist helped me create a staircase to the city and before long, she was in a new apartment in the city as an old women where she died, alone, in her bed. I sensed that Susan’s son had left her decades before, tiring of her overly protective ways and wanting to find his own way in his life as a young man; causing deep feelings of grief and abandonment in Susan.


The regressionist moved me to the funeral scene, where Susan watched the ceremony from above her physical body. The only attendees, other than the priest, were her son and his family, who Susan didn’t even know existed. Although her son had willingly left his mother, and purposefully stayed away from her for many years, he loved her dearly and felt a great loss. I felt love and warmth fill Susan’s soul as she expressed forgiveness for her son’s abandonment. She realized that the fear she carried from her childhood and marriage had caused her to mother him in a way that disallowed him the freedom he needed to explore, learn, grow and figure out who he was. She had protected him from harm out of love and concern, but she had also caused him pain.


The pivotal moment at the funeral came when Susan’s son thanked his mother for saving his life. He had always felt strongly that had Susan not grabbed him on that fateful day and fled from his father, he would have become a victim of abuse. He sent love and compassion to his mother, which allowed her soul to move on to the interlife realm.


There, Susan met with her guardian angels and guides who enveloped her in a hug of love, warmth and acceptance as they reviewed the life she had just left. In this “scene” I was able to make connections between Susan’s life and my own. I have always been an overly protective mother; fearing something bad would happen to my son. I was able to take the advice given to Susan by her council as my own- Love myself first as a woman, but also love myself as a mother. Accept myself as a flawed human being who made the best choices given the circumstances. Accept all that I did right as a mother and forgive all that I did wrong. Know that my son (in Susan’s life and in my current life) loves me; even as an imperfect parent.

Each time I have been a parent in a regression, I have become more understanding of my beliefs and behaviors as a mother; which has allowed me to become a better mother. If only because I have seen so many times, throughout time, that above all-even when things didn’t go well between me and my son- there was always love.


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