Healing Through Trauma

Recently I was regressed to a past life that was very enlightening. I was a young woman in my late teens or early 20s, living in a tribal village in South or Central America. I had dark skin, hair and eyes and was wearing a sheath of white fabric. My name was Akashi. The regressionist prompted me to visit my home and I experienced a thatch hut with a fire in the center. Animal skins were scattered around the dirt floor. I sensed the time frame was around the 1300s and that Akashi was important in the village-perhaps a storyteller. I also sensed Akashi had a husband but he was not present in the village (I felt intuitively that he was off on a hunting expedition with the other strong men of the tribe).


The regressionist prompted me to move to an important event in Akashi’s life and I remembered the birth of her son (which had happened prior to my first image of her). It was a difficult birth and the baby (who’s name I don’t know) almost died. The Shaman visited and brought health to the child but warned that he was frail. Akashi felt great worry for her son, feeling as if she needed to be extra protective of him to keep him from harm. I sensed that Akashi’s baby was the same soul who is my son in my current life, which has occurred in every incarnation I’ve remembered in which I was a mother.

We moved to another important event in Akashi’s life, and we were once again back in the thatch hut; the strong men of the village on a hunting expedition. Akashi felt fearful and I realized it was stemming from an intuition that the village would be raided and harm would befall her and her son. Men came and burned the village. They killed anyone in their way. Akashi tried to hide her son but the men found them and mortally wounded her. She lay dying on the ground as the men took her baby and retreated from the ravaged village.

Once Akashi died, the regressionist moved me to the soul realm; to the between lives stage. There Akashi encountered guardian angels and guides (who appeared as white orbs of light and warmth). They embraced Akashi and enveloped her in love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. Akashi was able to forgive herself for not being able to save her child and then she morphed into my form.


I then met with the Soul Masters who spoke to me at length. They told me that I should love myself in all incarnations. I should forgive myself for the mistakes I have made. I should trust my instincts as a mother and know I’ve always done the best that I could do for my son given the circumstances we were in. I should believe that he loves me and always has. He has always CHOSEN to be my son in each of the lives that we have shared and he is grateful for all that I’ve done for him through time.

My take away? In each life that my son has been my son (that I’ve experienced so far) there has been varying degrees of trauma (including in this life). Sometimes I’ve saved him and sometimes I have not. This certainly explains why I have been so overly protective of him in this life but more importantly each time I re-experience our lives together and learn from them I am able to release that age old “mommy guilt” for being a flawed parent. It has been freeing! I’ve felt lighter when I am with him and he seems lighter with me (even though I have not told him all of this yet). When he recently moved out of our home into his own apartment I felt good about it (the last time he moved out I cried for days).

So, even though a past life memory may bring you to a traumatic event it can have a wonderfully positive impact on your current life. Healing can at times come through pain. Even if it is pain from centuries ago. Thinking about past life regression? Give it a try!