My First Regression

Twenty five years ago I started on a journey I was unaware was my true path in this life. I saw an ad for a two day workshop on Past Life Regression held by the local community center in my town. I had always been interested in all things mystical and had done a little reading here and there but had never had the courage to actively explore the spirit world. I decided…this is the time!

At first the instructor talked about regression in history around the world and then moved onto signs that you may have had a past life (or many). Extremely vivid dreams…check! Feeling as if you have been somewhere that you visit when you have not…check! Having random flashes from the past that make no sense to your current life…check…check…Being yourself but in a completely different body in a dream…check…check…check!

In addition to all of the deja vu experiences I have had, I have always felt that there HAS to be more to this life…world…existence. Now was my time to find out just what that meant. The soul realm was waiting for me!


The group was directed to lie down on the floor of the high school classroom we were in and get comfortable. I felt a little nervous about what I might experience…especially when the instructor suggested we walk toward the light! I have since found that my conscious mind is very present when I am in a hypnotic trance. In that moment I found myself arguing with myself…”Don’t go toward the light- that is what you do when you die! But you paid for this class- just do it. No, I’m scared. But you really want to see what happens!” My desire for a soul journey won the fight. I went to the light.


After crossing through to the soul realm we were directed to look at our feet (I saw wooden shoes) and then tune into our senses to start the experience. I very quickly moved into the life of a young woman with blond hair, wearing a blue dress. She felt scared. I looked around and saw an older, heavy man (her father) who had a red, angry face coming out of a wooden cottage. He yelled at her and she ran. She followed a dirt road for a while and came upon a man sitting by an open fire. As she sat down to interact with him the instructor moved the group to an important event in the lives we were experiencing.

She reluctantly left the man (who I have since learned in other regressions was the man she intended to marry- her father had other plans thus the anger). Suddenly I found myself (as the same woman but further in her life) laying in a large feather bed preparing to give birth. She started crying, softly at first, then her sobbing became more and more hysterical.

My conscious mind kicked into gear as I found myself, in my physical body laying on the floor of the local high school, sobbing hysterically right along with her. I sensed something bad was going to happen and as the instructor had told us, brought myself out of the experience and back to the present. Wow!


Flash forward to the present. I again felt a calling to explore past life regression. I am now a Certified Regressionist through Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. I have since had many regressions and have had some pretty incredible experiences. I’ve met with my guardian angels (there are four and one is my grandmother who died when my father was young). I’ve spoken with the Master’s in my own regression and received a message from them through a woman I regressed- (both times I was encouraged to follow this new path I am on). I’ve visited the soul of my beloved dog in the soul realm and released my intense grief surrounding her death. And I’ve reexperienced many past lives and learned so much about the patterns in relationships that I have struggled with in this life. Pretty cool stuff.


If you have never explored past life regression, give it a try! By unearthing and processing the memories from prior lifetimes, you can release the feelings and experiences that are blocking you in your current life, as well as reinforce the lessons and break patterns that have been carried in your soul from life to life. Understanding and working with your prior lifetimes can bring enrichment to your current life which can lead to significant change in how you view yourself, your relationships and the world, as well as gain understanding of your life purpose and the eternal nature of your being.

Where might your soul take you?

Past life sessions will be available in Bradley Beach, NJ and Highlands, NJ offices starting in January 2019. Online sessions via Skype or FaceTime are available now!

About Karen- I am a Certified Regressionist and an Advanced Hypnotherapist. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have a second business operating as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Hypnotherapy and regression are my passion. Can I share that passion with you?