A Soul Within, LLC: Past Life Regression and Soulful Hypnosis

“I feel so sad and I don’t know why.”

“I just can’t get any relief from my feelings.”

“I can’t seem to forgive myself for the mistakes/choices I’ve made.”

“Why am I so scared of (bridges, dogs, heights, pain…)?”

“Here I go again…same, old, unhealthy relationship patterns.” 

“This grief is taking over my life!”

If any of this sounds familiar, I can offer you the help that you need to potentially gain understanding, relief, peace and open up the possibility of finding the freedom you have been seeking to make the changes you desire (AND DESERVE!)

Ever consider Past Life Regression? Of course…That’s why you are here!

I know, I know…it seems a bit weird. Trust me…it’s not!

If you’re unsure about trying regression, I will help you decide.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should try past life regression:

  1. You wonder who you were in a past life.
  2. You have memories, dreams or intuitive flashes of other people, places or times that seem to be really, really real and you want to know what they mean.
  3. You think regression is interesting…a little scary maybe…but truly interesting (It is really interesting and not scary at all!!)
  4. You are tired of feeling lost, blocked, disconnected, sad, stuck, unhappy, fearful, or anxious for no obvious reason.
  5. You are ready to heal, you have tried EVERYTHING else and nothing has helped for long!

It sounds like you may be ready for a different healing experience. Unlike psychotherapy, which addresses mental health and behavioral health concerns, past life regression supports you in healing your soul.

It is said that our souls are eternal and we carry unfinished business from lifetime to lifetime. Regressing back to our past life memories supports us in transforming and evolving in this life.

You may be wondering “Are past life memories real?” The point of the session is to gain insight, clarity, acceptance, resolution and healing in this life…

So, instead let’s consider, “Is it helpful?” and my clients have said,“YES!”

At this point you are ready to book a session, but you still may be wondering, “Other than doing the coolest thing ever, what EXACTLY might I get out of the experience?”

That is something only your psyche knows. In a session we start with an objective (the aspect of this life you want to work on) but it is believed that your experience will be driven by what your soul needs.

Some common benefits may include:

  • Relief from emotional symptoms
  • Deeper understanding of challenges in this life
  • Removal of barriers to inner peace
  • Understanding of relationships to create healthier patterns
  • Freeing yourself from the weight of the past
  • Releasing fear of the future
  • Finding forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Renewed willpower and motivation to make the changes you desire
  • Increased self-esteem and self-worth
  • Transformation of grief and loss
  • Dissolving fear of death
  • Growing spiritually
  • Getting to know yourself from a different perspective

The last thing you may be considering is, “Why should I call Karen (instead of someone else)?” Well…I am extremely passionate about this work and have seen (from my own regressions and regressions I’ve done for others) it is the COOLEST thing ever!

A client recently came out of a regression and her first words were…“Wow…wow…oh my god…wow!”

Don’t you deserve the same experience? Give it a try!!

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Are you serious about making a change in this life? Let’s get started!